[Project_owners] Here's food for thought

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Mon Sep 29 01:39:13 EDT 2003

Here's food for thought,

I need a "Tip of the Day" feature for MultiZilla and was wondering *if* anybody else ever wrote one. We could share a global piece of code, and this should be able to run for all projects. The main site mozdev.org could use the same and read random snips from the projects. This way people learn what we offer, because to be totally honest, I don't myself. Everything keeps changing day after day so it's hard to keep up with all changes.

The code should generate a blurb from [projectname].mozdev.org/tipoffday/somename.xml(rdf) for example) and put that as a floater on the users screen, with the option to turn it off (cookies?)

The same code should be implemented with your jar/xpi file (at least *if* you want something like this). This way users can read more about your project while they browse the Internet.

What do you people think? Would you like to have/use/offer something like this? Or is this note your flavor?

PS time to get some sleep now (I woke up almost 28 hours ago)

Let me know what you think of it,

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