[Project_owners] Admin meeting 2004-04-09 minutes

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Tue Apr 20 12:29:03 EDT 2004

Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on Friday, 9 April, 2004
(Present: david, cdn, pete, brian)

Board of Directors
- Vote is now a pressing issue
- We have 3 possible candidates, enough for now
- Other possibles : perhaps someone from mozilla.org & a sys admin

Site Performance
- We have more bandwidth from our host (will they charge us more?)
- CVS bottleneck appears to be resolved
- Next mozilla releases in May will test our robustness

New Project Guidelines
- Terms of Use doc is live
- Discussed some wording tweaks
- New project applicants will now have to verify their email address by
replying to an email

Developers Notes
- This section of site needs re-invention
- cdn proposed moving it to the Wiki
- Other proposals : linking to more content ... a name change ...

Newsgroup Poll
- We may not need to dump news after all

CSS Reimagining
- There was general concensus we should make the switch, and iron out
any issues in production

Brian King
www.mozdev.org || www.mozdevgroup.com

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