[Project_owners] For language / localisation project owners

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Wed Mar 3 22:04:24 EST 2004

Related to Daniel's recent post about International month, I want to do 
a little push for Int'l content and projects on mozdev.org. So with your 
co-operation, these are the things I had in mind (other ideas are welcome):

1) Special edition of Status Reports, devoted to International projects
Please put together some text about work that you are doing, recent 
releases, details of installation , etc. Template is here.


You can post it here or directly to me over the next couple of weeks.

2) Make sure all relevant projects are in the language category:


If you are not listed there, and should be, let me know and I'll update.

3) Give the Mozdev home page a special international theme (for a day, a 
week, ...?). This could included localised text.

Brian King

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