[Project_owners] International Month

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Thu Mar 4 21:00:34 EST 2004

Daniel Wang wrote:

> http://www.geocities.com/stolenclover/moi.html
> moi is a project for marketing push to international audience. The aim 
> is to attract potential contributors. This or next few month should be 
> a good time for this project: Mozilla Europe and mozilla.pl were 
> launched this year, French Geckozone reopened, Mozilla Links 
> newsletter added 5 new languages "this" year so far, and Mozilla Gumi 
> is having a party April 18.
> I'd like to coordinate a International month, either April or May.
> April: Mozilla 1.7 will be released, and localization contributors may 
> want to scramble to get language packs ready within 48 hr of the 
> release to make language packs into CD. We will be very short on time, 
> but we will be timely.
> May: mozilla.party.jp 5.0 will be over, and it will be 1 month+ since 
> the launches of Mozilla Europe and mozilla.pl. We'll have more time, 
> but we may not be timely.
> So, the first question is: when would be a good time for this?
> We already have most material ready for a special intl edition of 
> Mozilla Links Newsletter. I'd also hope to convince MozillaZine to 
> make a persistant help-wanted post board (starting with intl tasks). 
> That shouldn't take too much effort.

We would love to have an article about translate.sourceforge.net there. 
This is the new version of l10ntools.mozdev.org, which enables 
translation of mozilla (and extensions) using the .po format (gettext, 
kbabel, etc). Someone (Caio Begotti from the Brazilian Portuguese team) 
is busy writing up a nice description of using the tools for 
localization... you can see an initial version here: 
If this was finished off, could it be included in the Mozilla Links intl 

> For mozdev.org, we could start a push to localize all extensions. Many 
> extensions are not localizeable (e.g. AdBlock, the last time I 
> looked). My thinking is this:
> - Somebody takes the time to make one extension localizeable, then 
> writes down a easy-to-follow tutorial based on that experience.
> - Projects with stable codebase make l10n-help-wanted announcements
> - We encourage people with some programming experience to follow the 
> tutorial and make extensions localizeable.
> - We encourage people who'd like to contribute but never has the 
> opportunity to to localize these extensions
> Advantages: most extensions are small, so the projects will be doable 
> for most people. We attract new contributors who can take care of 
> simple development tasks, leaving existing programmers more time for 
> other difficult stuff.
> Now, the second question: what do mozdev.org folks think about this?

This sounds great!
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/l10n/xul-l12y.html would be a good start 
for information needed when wrinting that tutorial...


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