[Project_owners] International Month

Roman J Mashirov mrj at mrj.spb.ru
Fri Mar 5 13:08:05 EST 2004

BTW, it will be very good idea to have some (online or better xul) tool 
for enduser to translate DTD apps. I.e. representing existing DTD and 
allowing to input translation line-by-line, then saving result to DTD 
again. In such a way it will be possible to translate extensinos for 
much more people than now.

Sergey A. Chernyshev wrote:
> As http://ru.mozdev.org/ owner I'm ready to alert Russian-speaking
> Mozilla developers to join localization month.
> It'll also be great if someone responsible for a localization of
> specific extension will point to all files and portions of files to be
> translated? Main goal of such person is to minimize technical barrier
> for translators - it will speed up process because translators not
> always very tech savvy.
> P.S. Can someone suggest any tool for automatic conversion of apps
> with inline text to DTD-based apps?
>        Sergey.
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