[Project_owners] another logo...

Sergey A. Chernyshev urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru
Wed Mar 10 01:49:43 EST 2004

This one is just regular graphics effect from PhotoShop - we need real
logo, I believe. I wonder if any designers/UI professionals who
contribute to Mozilla project (Firefox branding for example) would be
kind enough to help us (MAD developers ;)) with our branding.

Should we ask them and not software writers as ourselves (no offense guys)?


>> Here is another nice one I found:
>> http://cute.mozdev.org/mozdev_noshad.png

PC> Hey, that one would be great for MAD. Just replace the mozdev.org w/ MAD.

PC> I wonder if there is a psd for that one available . . .

PC> --pete

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