[Project_owners] mozilla->xpserver->apache

Massimo Cozzi massimocozzi2 at virgilio.it
Wed Mar 10 07:51:24 EST 2004


The XPSERVER project is a only start point to integrate Mozilla XPCOM to
Unfortunately XPSERVER "run" only on Apache 1.3.
Is there a XPSERVER for Apache 2.x in working?

I read the XPSERVER  project .

Why before, do you load XPCOM and then instead of loading other
Mozilla library, (for example gkparser ,) you load Xalan/Xerces to parse

 >XP Server is an app server designed around XPCOM so that it is cross
platform. XP >Server mainly depends on the XPCOM directory (plus some
subprojects of XPCOM). To >run FOP/Java code the Blackwood XPCOM-Java bridge
needs to work. Mozilla's >Javascript engine is used directly. The rest of
the browser code is not used.
> mod_PX7 then uses XPCOM to load and run the components. The components can
be >chained using SAX-like events.

I have ported only the code for ..\mod_PX7 without Xerces and Xalan.
Xalan and Xerces are only for XML (not for every HTML).
Is this exact?
I don't understand if Xalan / Xerces parse every HTML.
I don't understand if xpcom->gkcontent->gkparser
is best than xalan/xerces (or  libxml2) for parse HTML.
Is this question correct?

Then I don't understand what means this:
>The components can be chained using SAX-like events.

Do anybody know the problem?
Are there html web pages that xalan/xerces don't parse?
If I write a Apache module, for parse HTML same mod_PX7 with XPCOM->
gkcontent and not Xalan/Xerces, is this correct?

Thanks for help-me
Best Regards

Massimo Cozzi
massimocozzi2 at virgilio.it

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