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marziamazzoli at wooow.it marziamazzoli at wooow.it
Thu Mar 11 12:54:14 EST 2004

Hi gangadhar
I explain:
I write, I think, a good algorith for content analisys.
This algorith is contained in a utility that run for a PC no a Server for
For server is easier. There are many ready products.
There are many question to solve again.
1. with a proxy is better.
    (there are many good project for content analisys, but without a proxy
    is only a good exercise of Javascript (or Xul of course).
2. I have decided for many reason do not use Java but only C or C++ for
produce a exe file.
3. My project , now, works for HTML not for XML, but everybody speaks XML.
Why ? I the future is correct, OK, but now? All sites are write in HTML not
XML is used for Database.
(I Know very well the server databases. I works with all. )
But XML do not  use well the Layout.
I  hope to have interlaced the problem.
The problem is not on the server-side.
The problem is in the heart of Mozilla (client-side).

My question is thiner.

Can A parser XML parse HTML? Is obvious that no.
XML parser do not parse every HTML,
 but the bigest software house that produces software for server-side
delegate Mozilla or IE to parse HTML.
Very cunning and meanwhile they work for the servers........database of
There are many small parser Html that works for the server-side, but they
aren't Mozilla.
Mozilla is Mozilla. You know.

XPCOM (COM Microsoft) joint Assembrer and C (system code) to C++ (browser
code) for simplicity.
If you load XPCOM you load the world Mozilla.
The intuition of XPSERVER is very good.
But You must write the XPSERVER withot java and sax to load the
bucket_brigade with XPCOM.
This is Independent and Mozilla gains many points.
Then, you can load other(sax, java, xalan, dbm ....)
If you understand this POLITICS we can write this 20 code row in couples.
I have a good example for send you.

This week I try to make a new Apache 2.x module with XPCOM ->GkParser,
(You can try another library with XPCOM at choice, but you must save the
bucket_brigade until EOF.)
but I think already that not run.
There are many ("memory", we say..) question to solve. If it run I enjoy.
( a small question before I write a new module:
if you know apache. [I write for windows for semplicity in VC6] If you
install Apache in the windows service mode
and than you compile a new module Apache not start.
I try many internet modules, already compiled, *.so. Apache not start.
There are particular options for compiler? This is my current problem.)

        For mozilla people

Mozilla not has a proxy.
Why Mozilla not has a proxy?
A small proxy, not an Apache. Why?
 There are 300 projects.
Only layout?
Think that the first program that Browser interface is the proxy.
A small, very small proxy, for Mozilla server-start-process.
Nothing. Dark. Silence.
I think Mozilla should have a proxy.
Mozilla is Open or not open.
This is the problem.
Is open or semi open.
I love Mozilla, of course, but
I don't understant why the main open project on the web don't have a proxy?
In Mozilla there are tons of  brain.
It's impossible that proxy serve only for me.
I have only 500 grams. I think.
To make a proxy serve for me 4 Kg of old programmer brain.
Why the proxy projects in Mozdev are ghost?
Is Mozilla piloted ?
If you use google and match Mozilla proxy and "a big factory" you
Ok, this is correct. Business, but
Why a big factory donate a proxy to another open project and not to Mozilla.
Is open or not open.
Business of course and POLITICS.
But where are the teachers, the public Universities?
Why they do not write an code-article to explain? A scheme.
A proxy It's not important?
The proxy serve for all 300 projects. It's banal.
Mozillians-hackers joint together for make a proxy.
An independent proxy.
Many castles will remain without the king.

Massimo Cozzi
Independent Internet Consultant
massimocozzi2 at virgilio.it

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