[Project_owners] version number

Daniel Wang stolenclover at yahoo.com.tw
Thu Mar 11 12:07:16 EST 2004

MozillaZine March 5th, 2004 news: Mozilla Backup 1.3a Released

This is very confusing because 1.3a can mean either "an minor update to 
1.3" or "a test version for 1.3". To avoid such confusion, I'd suggest 
that all Mozilla developers follow this version policy:
  1. Numerical increment for version release, e.g. 1.3.1
  2. Never shorten the version name, e.g. 1.3 Alpha instead of
     1.3a, except in filename

I'd even recommand that we enforce this rule in Independent Status 
Update, e.g. refuse to run any update with version name such as "1.3a"

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