[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 8 March, 2004)

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Fri Mar 12 16:01:45 EST 2004

<div id="mnenhy" class="independent">
<h3>Mnenhy - v0.5.1</h3>
<p>(MailNews-Enhancements and more for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox)</p>
<ul class="quickaccess">
  <li><a href="http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li>
  <li><a href="http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/installation.html">Install</a></li>
  <li>Contact: <a
<p>It's been a very long time since the last release, but now Mnenhy's
better than ever!</p>

<h4>New Highlights</h4>
  <li>Mnenhy can now be installed into your user profile.</li>
  <li>Most parts of Mnenhy are now usable with Mozilla, Thunderbird

  <li>Custom mail/news header configuration for Mozilla and Thunderbird.
      Yes, with clickable references! <tt>;-)</tt></li>
  <li>Text encoders and decoders like <em>ROT-13</em>, <em>Unicode
converters</em> or
      <em>Kenny</em> for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox.</li>
  <li>Chrome Manager for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox:<br>
      Move, deactivate or deinstall addons and extensions!</li>
  <li>Registry Viewer for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox:<br>
      View the contents of Mozilla registry files like
<tt>mozver.dat</tt> or


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