[Project_owners] Mozilla Newsletter - Developer Edition

Percy Cabello pcabello at prmail.net
Fri Mar 12 08:42:07 EST 2004


Just like the International Edition  discussed here the past week, we are
planning a developer edition of the newsletter. The idea is to touch Mozilla
developer related topics such as XPFE and the technologies within: XUL, JS,
RDF, etc. 

Since I am not a Mozilla developer myself (just at the very beginning, playing 
with mozdev people's book), I would like to know if project owners and
developers here would be interested in writing articles about some specific
Mozilla technology or tool you may want to comment, share or review; that may
aid starters like me to speed up faster/

Some topics that I have in mind:
- adding a menuitem/toolbar button to mozilla/firefox interface
- connecting my app to somewhere in the web: the basics: how to display a
webpage in my app, how to display/process an XML file (RSS, XBEL or any other)
- how to add sound to an app
- how to localize an extension and/or how to make an extension easily

among comments:
- how stable is the current API. why do some extensions break when there's a
new release. same thing for themes.

There is no deadline at this moment, it will be established based on response.
I think there should a permanent monthly developer newsletter to encourgae
people embrace Mozilla/open technologies and this may be a start.



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