[Project_owners] My logo proposal

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 17:11:36 EST 2004

 --- Bogdan Stancescu wrote: 
> Pete Collins wrote:
> > Bogdan Stancescu wrote:
> >> take a look at http://www.moongate.ro/products/MAD_Logo_Sample/ and 
> > Very nice. Great quality.
> I know, it just didn't fit the design, would have made it too busy. But, 
> if there is any kind of consolation, you can see the MAD motif 
> conceptually on the layers: one "m", then the gear below is the 
> "a"pplication, and the hammers below that is the "d"evelopment. :)


1. what about a 3D effect, specialy hammer?
2. Why 2 hammer one can be another tool

A color gradient effect in jslib.png also looks good


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