[Project_owners] My logo proposal

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 14:49:11 EST 2004

 --- Laeb <laebcontact at hotmail.com> wrote: 
> Here a complete set of colors:
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevBlue.png
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevOrange.png
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevGreen.png
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevViolet.png
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevLightRed.png
> http://easygestures.mozdev.org/MozdevLightGreen.png
> Laeb.

all those looks COOL !!!

now what about bringing the O back.

keep gear as background
write full mozdev such that
"O" as the center circle of the gear 

I made a crude form of it.
Somebody need to improve it.

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