[Project_owners] Status report for OneClick

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sun Mar 28 13:52:12 EST 2004

Robin Monks wrote:

> Could you put this in the ststus report?
> HTML Version : <b>One Click<br /></b>Project homepage:
> http://oneclick.mozdev.org<br />Project owner: Robin Monks<br /><br
> />One Click is a sidebar tab containing many different applications
> in one easy to use interface.  It also has news and tips for the
> Mozilla/FireFox user.  <br /><br />The current included features
> are:<br />1. cuneAform Online Edition<br />2. MineSweeper and
> BattleShip games<br />3. instant calculator<br />4. Monthly
> &quot;Have you Heard?&quot;<br />5. Tips 'n Tricks<br /><br
> />Enjoy!<br />

That's bad HTML!

In future, please stick to the template here:


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