[Project_owners] Website Bug...

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 13:30:59 EST 2004

 --- Robin Monks <mozillaman at linuxmail.org> wrote: 
> The links in the www.mozdev.org/docs site no longer work instead of them pointing to
> www.mozdev.org/docs/*.*  they go to mozdev.org/*.*  
> Just wanted to let you know,
> Robin

dont goto www.mozdev.org/docs
goto http://www.mozdev.org/docs/ instead.
ie, with "/" at end.


this is an issue since long. 
at mozdev if somebody comes to 


the server is not automaticaly redir to 


http://projectname.mozdev.org/path/subdirname to

so browser will consider all links on the 
as are based as http://projectname.mozdev.org/

What we have to do?
In branding php code we have to write a code 

1. if requested URL path has "/" as ending
   process "index.*" file.

2. else if requested URL path is a dir 
   then redirect to path append by "/"

3. else process as file.

At present all the url ending with a filename without
a "." in the name as dir

a temp. soln. is use javascipt to check and redir
I have done this in one of my pages, dont remember where..

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