[Project_owners] "Notes" are being spammed

Malte Kraus firefox at maltekraus.de
Mon Apr 14 14:00:06 PDT 2008

The notes on my project (adblockfilters) is spammed as well.

I got the old edit script from 
working (in the protected folder of course) by replacing all occurrences 
of $HTTP_GET_VARS through $_GET, $HTTP_POST_VARS through $_POST and 
$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS through $_COOKIE (and changing the file name in line 
68) and removed the spam.

Anyway, it's time to get Drupal I guess...


Thomas Reitmayr schrieb:
> Hi,
> just 2 hours ago the "Notes" on my title page (checkyesss.mozdev.org) 
> started being spammed whereas before I never saw a single spam entry there.
> Although the "Notes" feature is already a few years old, is there an 
> updated version I could use? Right now I include the "NOTES" file. Also 
> I noticed that "$hide_text_control = 1" does not remove the text input 
> boxes and new notes can still be added. It might not make much sense in 
> the long run, but is there a way to prevent new entries for now?
> Thanks,
> -Thomas
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